When choosing the right marketer
for your business,
it is important to choose a true partner
focused on success

The saying “your success is my success” is not not a cliché, but the backbone of my business model.

When taking on a new project or kicking off a campaign with a client, I prepare myself for a long adventure; in which I will not only provide you with the agreed services,
but will work according to your business goals and advise you in every step of the way, on the marketing and sales tactics, innovative methods and new channels.

Because of that, I would like you to look at me as not just your supplier but as your business partner.

So who am I and why me?


My name is Bar Clara Mendez, and I am a digital marketing expert focused on accurate analytics and proven results. I have studies marketing, advertisement and PR in Griffith College (A leading institution located in Dublin Ireland). My career kicked off when I started working for Google (Yes, Google) as an Adwords campaign strategist. Alongside countless versatile PPC campaigns in the search network I have specialist in in Media & Video campaigns on GDN and YouTube.

Upon my return to Israel, I worked as the PPC department manager at Adactive, in which time I personally managed the high profile clients of the company and was in charge of creating and implementing marketing strategies that involved multi-channel tactics (Facebook, Email, Content marketing and more).

As my experience grew so did my career and I moved to WEBSEM, one of the leading digital agencies in Israel. My role in the company covered many aspects and expertise; My main responsibility was establishing marketing strategies for existing and new clients, locating clear blue oceans with growth possibilities and experimenting with new tools and platforms as part of a general growth hacking plan.

I took upon myself versatile projects such as product branding, landing pages and website planning, content writing, and more.

I sincerely hope that each and every user entering my website will find exactly what he/she is looking for. I don’t believe in marketing packages or a set price to all as every business has it’s own marketing needs and challenges. I strive to give each of you a solution that is just right.

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